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Spaceship Escape 3!

2008-10-12 09:05:47 by colintso

Spaceship Esacep 3 is finally out! After 2 unsucessful attempts to make an addicting flash game, this would be it. File size has been reduced to 2MB (3 MB less than the previous version!)

*New Features:
Story Mode
Arcade Mode
2 New Levels
AI Mode

definitely addicting.

click here to play!

Long time no post!

2008-09-19 22:48:33 by colintso

This is my second post...many months after my 1st.

Heres what I'm planning to do:

Spaceship Escape 3 (Name may be changed to VectorScape)

yes, after 2 unsuccessful attempts to make a good game, I've finally come up with some ideas for the third game in the Spaceship Escape series. It is currently in development. New features include a new story mode, split into 3 parts, 3 level modes in what used to be the Play now screen and 2 more new songs which are sooo cool. The file size is optimized (about 2 MB, which is 3 MB less!) and a more efficient AS code.

If you want to play the beta Click Here!

New Music:
Universe City by EON
Gravity Hurts (Bionicle Phantoka Theme) Remix by me

Hi there!

2008-08-22 09:51:45 by colintso

Hi there! I'm new here on newgrounds, and I've already uploaded my first flash game.